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How to Find Port-Related Planned Arrivals
How to Find Port-Related Planned Arrivals
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You can view all incoming vessels for a specific port in the live view and watch each vessel arriving down to the minute. This is how to do so.

Who can use this feature

πŸ‘₯ Supported on Starter, Professional, Business, and Enterprise plans.

πŸ”“ Anyone with a FleetMon account

  1. Click on the relevant port with the port iconβš“οΈ

  2. A list of all vessels arriving at the port in the next 24 hours up to 30 days and more will open per default on the left side.

  3. On the right side, as usual, through our Vessel Filter, you can select only the ships planned for this port for the live view.

  4. Select Vessel Filters

  5. Choose "Port related"

  6. By default, all vessels are displayed on the map. If you just want to see the planned arrivals of the selected port, check "Show only planned arrivals".

🀩 Perfect for

β›΄ Port-related Services

This feature is for anybody working in or operating port-related services. If you want to know precisely when vessels or a specific ship will arrive in your port, you can watch it arriving to the minute or display all planned arrivals. Filter as usual by vessel class or display only your My Fleet. Stay updated in real-time about all arrivals in the port of your interest.

πŸ““ Journalists

Would you like to underline the consequences for a specific port with the statement of which vessels of a particular class, e.g., tankers or container vessels, are currently targeting a specific port? Or would you like to know the affected vessels of a time-bound event like a crisis or a strike in a port? In that case, FleetMon provides you with a live view of all vessels planned for the port, with their arrival times down to the minute, allowing you to report first on all vessels and shipping companies affected.

πŸ“Έ Ship Spotter

Be the first to upload a photo of a specific vessel to our FleetMon database. Select your port of interest, then β€œShow only planned vessels” and then click on β€œVessel Photo” in the β€œVessel Filter” section and only check the box β€œVessels without photos". See now in the live view which vessels you should get in front of your lens!

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