Just to let you know, a notification will be generated upon arrival of any vessel to the selected port without an image.

Be the first to upload a photo for a vessel without a photo in our database. Create an alert and be the first to shoot a great picture.

Who can use this feature

πŸ‘₯ Supported on Starter, Professional, Business, and Enterprise plans.

πŸ”“ Anyone with a FleetMon account

πŸ’‘ Note: You must first insert an e-mail address and/or mobile number for your alerts.

  1. Sign in to your account and go to My Alerts.

  2. See how many credits are available for a new alert.

  3. Click "Settings" in the upper right corner and insert your personal information.

  4. Save your settings with "Save Settings".

  5. Create an alert for a port by choosing "Single Vessel and/or Port".

  6. Select port of interest.

  7. Select "Alerting Events".

  8. Select "Alerting Channels".

  9. Click "Create Alert".

  10. Find an overview of alerts within the table.

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