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Predict Next Ports API
Predict Next Ports API
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AI-based API delivers the forecasted five next ports. The advantage of this API is that it can be used not only for container ships or RoRo vessels but for all ship types. In addition, it shows the estimated laytime of vessels in port.

The Predict Next Ports API enables easy information flows between FleetMon and your internal supply chain systems — including your company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Warehouse Management System (WMS) — to save time, reduce errors, and improve decision-making across your supply chain.

Previously it was only possible to examine an overview of the past route of a ship. The AI-based Predict Next Ports API makes it possible for the first time to forecast ports a vessel is likely to call next. Maritime logistics and maritime security will benefit from a forecast of vessel traffic in a specific sea area.

The API delivers not only for container or RoRo vessels but also for all other ship types. It will deliver the estimated laytime of vessels in these ports for better planning.

The Predict Next Ports API is essential for everyone transporting goods by sea, mitigating supply chain risks, and making informed real-time decisions.

The price depends on the account you have, how big your fleet is and what you want to request, and whether you need Satellite AIS data or not.

💡Please note that our API services are billed on top of our web accounts. API services are not billed using credit points.

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