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Check out the Track Inspector on the right-hand side of the detailed vessel view window. The feature icon is found below the bell icon used for creating event alerts.

Activating the Track Inspector enables you to analyze the historical and predicted track of the selected vessel further. The selected ship's historical track will be displayed in a prominent manner while the other ships on the map are faded out. This helps you to focus on a specific vessel route without being distracted. A fine line represents the historical route running from the last called port to the vessel's last position received via AIS.

Note: If you want to select a different vessel when the Track Inspector is activated, make sure to deactivate it first. Otherwise, you will not be able to select another ship.

By using the Track Inspector you have access to crucial route information at a glance.

Route Legend

To help you analyze the past and future track of a vessel, we added a route legend box to the right bottom corner of the screen.

Would you like to know more about the improved Historical Track? Please follow the link.

More details about the Predicted Track are to be found in the respective article.

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