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Speed analysis

Have you noticed that the historical track of a selected vessel is displayed in different colors? The colors represent the different speed grades of a vessel's movement.

πŸ’‘ Note:

  • A red-colored track means that the vessel moved at its maximum speed.

  • A green-colored track represents the average speed of a vessel.

  • A yellow-colored track amplifies that the vessel moved with a speed that is around half of the average speed.

  • A blue-colored track means that the ship had a speed of 0kn at that time.

Depending on the speed, the colors merge into one another in gradients. That is why brown and light green colored tracks are possible as well.

Last Port:

If you search for a vessel or click on a vessel on the map, the past track since the last port of call will be displayed. A green anchor icon on the map symbolizes the last port the vessel called at on its route.

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