We added a visual highlight to FleetMon Explorer. Rather than always using the overhead view (bird's perspective), try the map tilt function and explore the world in a tilted way.
Simply press and hold the right mouse click anywhere in the map to enable the map tilt function. Keep pressing the right mouse click and move the mouse cursor in a vertical direction to tilt your view gradually. If you want to rotate the map around your current location, move your mouse cursor in a horizontal direction while you keep pressing the right mouse click.

You would like to reset your rotated map view back to the north-oriented map display? Simply click on the compass needle icon on the right edge of your screen to undo rotation and reset bearing to the north.

Hint: The map tilt function creates unique visuals when combined with the x-ray map view at high zoom levels.

Enjoy this beautiful screenshot of the Bosporus Strait.

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