Vessel Dynamics

Delivers the dynamic part of the last received AIS message.

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Our great tool delivers the dynamic part of the AIS and responds within seconds - to monitor mooring maneuvers and sailing competitions in the fastest possible way. FleetMon APIs are made to create smart Software.

Simply enter the Object ID of a vessel to know all dynamic information transmitted by the Automatic Identification System (AIS). This great tool offers the dynamic part of the AIS last received, including the following data output fields:

  • Timestamp

  • Vessel name

  • MMSI

  • Position (lat/long)

  • Speed over Ground (SOG)

  • Course over Ground (COG)

  • True Heading

  • Rate of Turn (ROT)

  • Navigational Status

Since there is no data calculation involved, the API responds within seconds, providing you with the vessel data you need with hardly any delay. Therefore, this API is made for large vessel request volumes.

Use the Vessel Dynamic AIS API to monitor port mooring maneuvers to prevent collisions and accidents. Another use case would be to deploy the API for sailing competition monitoring.

Check out our documentation to see the details of a request and a sample response to see what you get with this API.

๐Ÿ’กPlease note that our API services are billed on top of our web accounts. API services are not billed using credit points.

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