Who can use this feature

๐Ÿ‘ฅ Supported on Starter, Professional, Business, and Enterprise plans.

The FleetMon Explorer provides a real-time view of marine traffic, from a global overview to a single vessel. Enjoy a stunning new perspective on the world of ships! Look at ships navigating in the port or even offshore, see vessels dock and depart, and watch tugs and pilots do their work - FleetMon Explorer stands out, offering a continuous display without reloading.

Moving around

While holding your mouse's left button, move your mouse in the desired direction. Move from left to right and from top to bottom (and vice versa) on the FleetMon Explorer. This will result in finding the area that interests you.

Zooming in and out

Zoom in to have a closer look at the live map. Of course, you can always zoom out to get a full overview of the Seven Seas. Use your mouse's scrolling wheel. Scroll it back and forth, and you will zoom out and in, respectively.

You can also use the tool at the top right end of the Live Map. Click on the plus or the minus symbols to zoom in or out, respectively.

Full Screen

Simply click on the Full-Screen icon at the top right corner of the FleetMon Explorer. The map will take up your whole screen. Clicking the same icon again will exit the Full-Screen view.

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