Ocean currents are the characteristic horizontal and vertical transports of water masses in the world sea or oceans. Among other things, they are influenced or caused by the earth's rotation, the tides, different water densities due to different salt contents and water temperatures, as well as winds ("drift current").

Smaller water eddies are parts or effects of ocean currents, while these, in turn, are parts of the large oceanic eddies - named gyre.

Activate the "Current" in the Map Layer. All other map layers can be used simultaneously.

This layer displays the ocean currents, with different colors on the map that represent their speed measured in kn (Knot) and arrows that show the direction.

💡 Note: You may need to zoom in enough to see them.

The Kuroshio (also called Black Current and Japan Current) is a surface ocean current in the western Pacific Ocean. It is the extension of the northward-flowing Pacific North Equatorial Current between Luzon in the Philippines and the east coast of Japan. The water temperature is very high for this region at about 20 °C.

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