The display of the vessel details (Vessel Tooltip) in the FleetMon Explorer depends on your FleetMon account level.

An Open account enables you to see the vessel tooltip of all vessels with a terrestrial signal.

Vessels that sail far away from shore, can be covered by using satellite AIS. The position updates may vary from a few minutes up to several hours. This depends on traffic, weather and also other factors. The vessel details are hidden with *** in the FleetMon Explorer. If you also want to see these vessel data, please use one of our Satellite plans (Unlimited Sat 15 or 50).

Switch plans

You can upgrade your plans at any time or downgrade by the end of the billing period. Click the "Upgrade" button of the account level that suits your needs best and you will be linked to the online store. The store will recognize your account and guide you through the upgrade process.

How to Switch FleetMon Plans and Upgrade Your FleetMon Account

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