We have equipped the FleetMon Developer Suite with a great new tool for Fleet Operators. Get quick and easy data access to the vessels of your My Fleet. The API returns the latest positions of all listed vessels you manage on the FleetMon website. Keep track of your My Fleet even more efficiently than before.

Get this lean and efficient API to keep track of the My Fleet you created on FleetMon.com. The API provides quick and easy access to the latest positions of all vessels on your My Fleet list. Depending on your needs, youโ€™ll receive the data in XML or JSON format.

The API returns positional information on the current location, on the last port, including times of arrival and departure, and information on LOCODE and navigational status.

๐Ÿ’กPlease note that our API services are billed on top of our web accounts. API services are not billed using credit points.

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