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What is a Port-(of)-Call?
What is a Port-(of)-Call?

Definition of Port (of) Call / PortCall

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💡 A vessel's journey starts in a particular port. Every (regular) stopover in a port is called a Port (of) Call. This stop is usually made to load or unload passengers or cargo, obtain supplies, or do repairs.

On a certain day, at a certain time, the vessel enters the port zone, and a port (of) call begins. When leaving the port zone, a port (of) call is closed, and the ATD (Actual time of Departure) is created.

The example shows the following:

- Vessel leaving the port of Puerto Del Rosario

- Port (of) Call at the entrance of the port zone of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (2020-11-17 08:32 CET)

- Port (of) Call at the departure of the port zone (2020-11-17 19:50 CET)

- Port (of) Call at the entry of the port zone at Santa Cruz de La Palma (2020-11-18 08:16 CET)

- Port (of) Call at the departure of the port zone (2020-11-18 17:07 CET)

The current status is ongoing, as the vessel is on its way to the port of Las Palmas, where the next port (of) call is generated when entering the port zone.

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