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Category A, B and C

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Thanks to the FleetMon community and the ongoing support from ship spotters all around the globe.

You can participate by uploading your photos of vessels. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is that your photos should comply with certain rules regarding the photo quality guidelines and Copyright notes! You are notified by e-mail in case of copyright violation, and the photo is deleted. If a community member has uploaded four photos with copyright violations, the user will be automatically blocked from uploading.

After the uploading process, your photos will be publicly displayed and moderated. You can check the category of the photo by opening your Photo Manager. Other FleetMon users will be able to rate them.

Category A = The quality standards were met. The photo is also suitable as the main/display image for the ship and as Photo of the Month.

Category B = The quality standards are largely met. The photo is also suitable as Photo of the Month. With this category, we want to give a little more artistic freedom. The photos are not inferior in quality but do not meet the strict guidelines. However, FleetMon also welcomes uploading these photos, as they are artistically very valuable and reflect the vessel's history.

Category C = The quality standards are not met, or the photo is a duplicate. The photo is then still visible to the user himself, but not to other users.

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