We permanently check our database for duplicate vessel entries, ghost ships, and other multiple entries.

AIS users are required to operate their vessels with a valid MMSI. Unfortunately, some users neglect to do so. If you are receiving (in range of) AIS reports from vessels using the same MMSI, they will appear as one vessel (jumping from position-to-position or line-to-line). The best way to track your vessel is to use the unique IMO number, if possible. However, the AIS system is using the MMSI, not the IMO number, to identify a vessel.

If vessels from duplicate entries or similar are present on My Fleet, they will be displayed as "Unavailable".

Who can use this feature

👥 Supported on Open, Unlimited, Unlimited Sat 15, and Unlimited Sat 50 plans.

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💡 Note:

You can still remove the tag given or add a special description by editing the vessel.

And you can also delete the vessel from your My Fleet.

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