Draw customized User Zones on a map in the My Zone Editor. Create and manage your alerts, select vessels or ports according to your needs. This is how to do it.

  • Select the My Zone Editor
  • Add a zone of interest
  • Create a new zone with your individual zone name and description
  • Click on the area of interest and draw your zone
  • If the cursor does not turn from a hand to a cross, please press save and it will turn automatically.
  • Set your points and close the polygon with clicking on the starting point
  • Note that the zone is not too large.
  • Correct the size of the zone if it is too large.
  • Do not forget to save.
  • Choose parameters of interest
  • Choose Alerting Channel
  • Create Alert

You can decide whether you want to receive the alerts you have created either by SMS or by e-mail or even both.

Each SMS you receive will cost you only 2 Credit Points.
A bunch of 20 e-mails will be sent to you for just 1 Credit Point.

And don't you worry - if you ever run out of Credit Points, your created Alerts won't be deleted, just paused as long as you refill your Credit Points.

How to edit your My Zone

How to delete your My Zone

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