Create and manage your alerts, and select vessels or ports according to your needs. This is how to do it.

Who can use this feature

👥 Supported on Starter, Professional, Business, and Enterprise plans.

🔓 Anyone with a FleetMon account

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  • Select the "My Zone Editor".

  • Add a zone of interest if you haven't created one before.

  • Continue by clicking on "My Alerts".

  • A new tab will open.

  • Click on "Create Alert".

  • Select a vessel and the zone created.

  • Choose your parameters of interest.

  • Choose your favorite alerting channel.

  • Create your alert.

You can decide whether you want to receive the alerts you have created either by SMS or by e-mail, or even both.

💡Each SMS you receive will cost you only 2 Credit Points.
Twenty e-mails will be sent to you for just 1 Credit Point.

😳 And don't you worry - if you ever run out of Credit Points, your created Alerts won't be deleted, just paused as long as you refill your Credit Points.

💡It will take up to an hour until you can create an alert in your My Zone.

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