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How the API Call on a Rolling 30-Day Basis Works
How the API Call on a Rolling 30-Day Basis Works

Sliding Window

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💡 Your number of API calls at FleetMon is based on a sliding window of 30 days. There is no fixed day for resetting limits.

Every counted request will be reset after exactly 30 days, so if you do not exceed the number from now back to 30 days, you will not experience the outage issue. The sliding window is 30 (days) * 24 (h) * 60 (min) * 60 (sec) seconds (=2.592.000 sec) instead of 30 days.


Number: 100 API calls

Contract start: June 9th

Note: The 30-day time window starts with the first API call and not with the contract start date. It’s a rolling 30 days, not an automatic reset at a certain point in the month.

  1. On June 11th at 09:13:30, you make 5 API calls. Your remaining count is now 95 API calls.

  2. On June 23rd, at 14:34:00, you made 60 API calls. The remaining count is now 35 calls.

  3. You decided to use your remaining 35 API calls on July 5th at 15:53:00.

  4. Your API count is now exceeded until July 11th at 09:13:30 (June 11th + 30 days).

  5. Between July 11th at 09:13:30 and July 23rd at 14:34:00, you can use 5 API calls because the five calls are out of the 30-day sliding window and available again in your remaining count. After July 23rd at 14:34:00, your 60 calls from June 23rd will be reset. Your remaining count is now 65 API calls. And so it continues.

💡 Note: The actual usage and the remaining number of API calls can also be displayed.

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