Depending on the respective dimensions, storage direction, stackability, and height of the cargo, a standard 20-foot container, for example, will fit:

  • 11 Euro pallets measuring 1,200 mm x 800 mm or 9 industrial pallets measuring 1,200 x 1,000 mm

  • 80 oil drums with a capacity of 275 liters

  • 36,904 Beverage cans (without pallet) or 33,000 Trays of 20

  • The complete furniture of a 65 sqm apartment, including kitchen, e-bike, and 50 moving boxes

  • a 5-meter sailing yacht including accessories (and captain)

When transporting on pallets, the load capacity must also always be considered. Furthermore, the stored goods must not exceed the size of the individual pallets.

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