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Special Terms in Marine Communication
Special Terms in Marine Communication
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  • Fairway - Navigable part of a waterway

  • Fairway speed - Mandatory speed in a fairway

  • ITZ Inshore Traffic Zone (of a TSS) - A routing measure comprising a designated area between the landward boundary of a TSS and the adjacent coast

  • Manoeuvring speed - A vessel’s reduced speed in circumstances where it may be required to use the engines at short notice

  • Receiving point - A mark or place at which a vessel comes under the obligatory entry, transit, or escort procedure

  • Reference line - A line displayed on the radar screens in VTS Centres and/or electronic sea charts separating the fairway for inbound and outbound vessels so that they can safely pass each other

  • Reporting point - A mark or position at which a vessel is required to report to the local VTS Station to establish its position

  • Separation zone/line - A zone or line separating the traffic lanes in which vessels are proceeding in opposite or nearly opposite directions; or separating a traffic lane from the adjacent sea area; or separating traffic lanes designated for particular classes of vessels proceeding in the same direction

  • Traffic clearance - VTS authorization for a vessel to proceed under conditions specified

  • Traffic lane - An area within defined limits in which one-way traffic is established

  • TSS - Traffic Separation Scheme: a routeing measure aimed at the separation of opposing streams of traffic by appropriate means and by the establishment of traffic lanes

  • VTS - Vessel Traffic Services: services designed to improve the safety and efficiency of vessel traffic and to protect the environment

  • VTS area - Area controlled by a VTS Centre or VTS Station

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