How to Request Data for Academic Work

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It is FleetMon's business to collect, sell, and deliver vessel position data. We understand that you need the requested data for research at your institution. FleetMon collaborates with the most prestigious universities πŸŽ“ and institutions πŸ”¬ and supports academic projects of various kinds around the globe.

✏️ If you need data for your academic work, please use our website to place your request.

πŸ‘ You increase the chance of an answer, if:

  • all fields are filled out carefully (fields marked with * are mandatory),

  • your request is as specific as possible (avoid the word "all"),

  • you give us at least six weeks of handling time,

  • there is the possibility of a cooperation/AIS partnership with the institution/university.

Fill in all mandatory fields and let us know as much additional information about your project as possible.

If you receive positive feedback from us, we will prepare a Data License Agreement (DLA) that will regulate the use and scope of data delivery in detail. The agreement has to be signed by your project manager (for students) and yourself. After a processing time of about two weeks, you will receive the requested data.

πŸ“§ Couldn't find what you are looking for? Get in touch with us.

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