For a preview of the Port Call History report, you can download a sample file.

Search for the port and click on the Port Call History tab. The option to download the sample datasheet file is located at the bottom of the list of vessels. The sample file is free of charge.

NOTE: Only when using a paid plan (Unlimited, Unlimited Sat15/Sat50) it is possible to use the advanced filters that allow you to sort the vessels using filters like: 

  • type

  • type category

  • flag

  • attribute

  • service state

  • length

  • deadweight.

Register an Unlimited Sat 15 plan to obtain 14-days trial free of charge. The money will only be charged if you don't cancel your subscription within the first two weeks of your free trial. You can cancel your 14-days trial through the "Subscriptions" page on the "My Account" site.

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