Are you unsure whether you need a FleetMon web account or an API? We will be pleased to discuss your project and learn about your needs.

Using our web accounts, we provide different layers, including a generic ENC chart.
The seat license per user offers data on current status, forecast information, voyage overview, and historical information.

Among other things, you will have an overview and service of:

You can pull data via API to integrate it within your system. We have several API endpoints ready to be used according to your project requirements, e.g. 

  • Logistics API: data per vessel, data about the last port (ATA, ATD), last position update from our terrestrial and satellite AIS network, and the ETA calculation based on our internal algorithm that gives you the time in hours and the distance in nautical miles to the next port;

  • Historical Tracks API: past positions of each vessel in a given period and frequency;

  • Weather and Water API: returns current weather and sea state for any given coordinate.

Please take a look here for our further API endpoints.

We are looking forward to working together and are happy to answer your questions.

💡Note: Our API services are on top of our web accounts and can not be purchased with credit points.

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