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Estimated Laytime - Specific Vessel
Estimated Laytime - Specific Vessel
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Get the "Estimated Laytime by FleetMon" for specific vessels in monitored terminals or ports.

You need to know the time vessels sail and their time in port. Successful business operations can depend on the estimated laytime of a vessel at its terminal within a port. FleetMon provides an API with this essential information.

The following is used for the evaluation of the "Estimated Laytime":

  • date and time at which a vessel is expected to arrive at a port

ETD: Estimated Time of Departure

  • date and time at which a vessel is expected to depart/leave the port

You will receive information regarding the minimum duration of a vessel staying in the terminal.ย 

You send your request with a vessel_id and port_id, and the API delivers the estimated vessel laytime (in minutes) for any given port. The evaluation is based on past terminal calls of the same vessel. It can be used for any vessel, no matter whether it has short or long stops at the terminal.

๐Ÿ’กPlease note that our API services are billed on top of our web accounts. API services are not billed using credit points.

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