You have signed up for an Open or an Unlimited plan, and you are looking for tracking vessels via satellite AIS data, there are three possibilities to do so:

  1. By clicking on “One-time Satellite Update” you can buy one new position update for 15 credit points.

2. By clicking on “Satellite Positions for 14 days” you can buy satellite positions for 90 credit points.

3. If you need AIS vessel data regularly, we recommend the Unlimited Sat15 plan to track your vessels. You can start with a 14-days trial free of charge. The money will only be charged if you don't cancel your subscription within the first two weeks of your free trial. 

You will receive a reminder on your account:

  • 10 days before expiry and 

  • 4 days before expiry (daily reminder).

By clicking "Manage or cancel my subscription" you will be redirected to the corresponding website where you can cancel your subscription.

You can also find an overview of our prices and plans here:

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