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Can I add a Vessel to the FleetMon Vessel Database?
Can I add a Vessel to the FleetMon Vessel Database?
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Whenever an AIS signal from a new ship is captured by the FleetMon AIS receiver network, a new ship entry is added to the FleetMon vessel database. Vessels are not added manually but require to send AIS signals while sailing within the AIS reception range.

If you want to add your private vessel to the database, you can install a Class B AIS transponder on board. The transponder will transmit your vessels' AIS data. You have to take care that you provide the correct static information (IMO no., name, dimensions, etc.) regarding your vessel so it is displayed correctly on the vessels' detail page on Wrong static information makes it difficult to find and track your vessel.

If you carry a Class B transponder on board, you have only one thing to do: Leave your AIS transponder on. As soon as one of our stations receives your AIS signal for the first time, your vessel will get a new entry in our database automatically. The entry contains the vessels' static and dynamic information, and any time a new AIS signal is received, the information will be updated. You can use our search pages to find your vessel and its transmitted information, or you can track it in the FleetMon Explorer.

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