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How to Cancel Your FleetMon Subscription
How to Cancel Your FleetMon Subscription

Cancel FleetMon subscription

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💡 Note: FleetMon offers Paid Services. These are prepaid and non-refundable. The fees will be billed from the date you elect the Paid Service. The Paid Service will automatically renew under the same conditions unless you cancel your subscription at any time before your current Paid Service is due to expire.

You can cancel your subscription through the “Subscriptions page on the "My Account" site.

On your subscription page, you will find all information related to your subscription and a link to the online store where you can cancel it. The same link is also included in the monthly billing e-mails sent by our online store.

Please contact us in case you need further assistance in canceling your subscription.

💡 Note: This function is only available for users of our "FastSpring" payment system. For all other payment methods, please get in contact with your FleetMon Support Team.

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