NMEA Router is a software that forwards an NMEA stream from one or several AIS receivers. It is useful for AIS partners with several receivers. Read more about NMEA router here: http://arundale.com/docs/ais/nmearouter.html


  • It is possible to connect the receiver to a computer (USB, serial or network).

  • The connection method is known (COM port, IP, etc.).

  • The computer runs on Windows and is working non-stop.


  • Label the profile with a name of your choice and click OK.

  • Set up a new source (AIS receiver): Configure → Connection → New

  • Label the source (connection) with a name of your choice.

  • Choose Serial as Type of Connection if the AIS receiver is serial or connected via USB.

  • Click OK to continue.

  • The Serial Port Configuration window will appear.

  • Choose the COM port your receiver is connected to under Device and the Baud Rate to 38400.

  • Select Input as Data Direction.

  • Click OK to continue.

  • Set up a new data receiver: Configure → Connection → New

  • Label the data receiver, i.e. with "FleetMon".

  • Select UDP/TCP as Type of Connection.

  • Click 

  •  to continue. You will get to the UDP/TCP configuration window.

  • As Protocol can be selected UDP or TCP.

  • As Data Direction select Output.

  • Configure the Remote Host. An own port for statistics and the upgrade to the Unlimited account can be ordered here: https://www.fleetmon.com/my/ais-stations → Add my AIS station

  • Until this has been confirmed via email, data can be sent to the IP ( or ais.fleetmon.com) and port (34003) shown in the picture on the left side.

  • Save with OK.

  • Generate a route, so the data of the source can be sent to the receiver: Configure → Route → New

  • In the field Between select which source should send to which receiver in the field And.

  • Make sure to tick the box Enabled.

  • Save with OK.

  • If the connection does not start automatically, you have to start it manually: Click on the Start button.

  • Now you can see how the data is being transferred.

  • Add NMEA Router to Startup in Windows System Configuration, so you don't have to start the program manually each time.

  • You are finished! Go now to FleetMon.com and check your "My AIS Stations" page. After 5-10 minutes the statistics of your data should be displayed.

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