FleetMon offers a number of advanced services which are not included in Open and Unlimited plans. For these services, we want our customers to pay only if and as much as they use them.

Who can use this feature

👥 Supported on Open, Unlimited, Unlimited Sat 15, and Unlimited Sat 50 plans.

💡 Note: Credit Points can be purchased via our payment partner FastSpring, with payment by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal.

With our Unlimited plans, you will receive each month free credit points which you can use for different services we offer. You can see the services down below. How many free credit points you get is depending on the plan you choose. 

  • Unlimited plan = 30 credit points

  • Unlimited Sat 15 plan = 2,000 credit points

  • Unlimited Sat 50 plan = 10,000 credit points

The following pay-per-use services are currently available on FleetMon: 

  •  My Alerts - Professional Vessel Event Notification and Alerting Tool

  •  Satellite AIS position update - Individual satellite AIS position updates for any vessel

  •  FleetMon Database Reports - (database downloads)

  •  Historical Tracks - where a vessel has been traveling in the past.

💡 Note: Credit Point purchases are non-refundable. Our terms of service apply.



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