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How can I manage my AIS Stations on FleetMon?
How can I manage my AIS Stations on FleetMon?
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If you are already an AIS partner and you are sharing data with us, you will get your own My AIS Stations category in your account.

Click on My AIS Stations to get to the page below:

You can add a new station or look at the details of your existing stations by clicking on them.

You have all the details of your station on one page:

  • a map and a list of your covered area (updated every 30 minutes) with all vessels that are within reach of your AIS receiver (you can search, filter or sort it by the points of your interest),

  • an option to configure the coordinates of your station,

  • statistics for the last day, week and year.

Just scroll down to get the details you want to see.

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