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What kind of Equipment and Software do I need?
What kind of Equipment and Software do I need?
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The two basic things you need are a stable internet connection and a constant power supply.

Special computer software is not needed because a modern AIS receiver works without one. But it is on you to use special software if you want. (For more information, see related articles in our Manuals section in the FleetMon Help Centre). The basic components of the AIS-receiving station are the AIS Antenna and the AIS Receiver with all their cables and accessories.

The AIS Antenna has to be installed at the highest possible point, regardless of the antenna type. If you get an AIS receiving station from FleetMon, you will get a fibreglass antenna optimized for AIS reception 160-164 MHz. If you build your station on your own, you can choose between different types of marine VHF antennas. You can even create one.

The AIS Receiver is the receiving unit. It collects the AIS data from the connected AIS antenna and is configurated for sending the AIS data to If you don't receive your station from FleetMon, there are different marine electronics shops where you can buy the needed devices and hardware local or online.

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