We count on you! Without the help of our AIS partners around the globe, FleetMon could not offer its service as you are used to it. The FleetMon service is community-based, using an extended network of shore-based AIS-receiving stations to cover as many areas in real time as possible. Anyone can become part of the network, especially in areas where we don't have antennas yet and in covered areas where we want to enhance the quality and reliability of the data.

Even if you don't have experience in such technology, you can be part of our network. The FleetMon team will guide you through the antenna installation process and look after you during the antenna's lifetime. Or you can share your data with us if you already have a running AIS station.

If you are near the sea or navigable inland waters (up to 10 miles from the water), ports, harbours, marinas, canals or on the top of a mountain, you may consider installing an AIS-receiving station. Essential factors for operating an AIS station successfully are:

  • the altitude of your location (the higher, the better),

  • a clear view of the horizon,

  • the ability to install an antenna, connect the AIS device to the internet and provide power constantly.

Here are some reasons why you should become an AIS partner and cover your area:

  • You will be the one who makes our network even better and provides maritime information to millions of interested people.

  • You will get a free FleetMon Professional subscription and technical support.

  • You will have the possibility to embed a live web map of your covered area on your website.

  • You will be the owner of your data. We can send it back to you as an NMEA stream, so your data is already filtered and adjusted by us.

  • You can experiment with antennas and AIS equipment to put your ship-spotting activity to the next level.

Want to become an AIS partner? Please go to the following website and follow the instructions: 

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