In our vessel database, you can find vessel information that we received from our worldwide terrestrial and satellite network, such as name, length and type of the vessel. However, this AIS data may not be exactly accurate all the time. For example, sometimes more accurate descriptions are required for vessel types and names.

In our open vessel database, the community and the FleetMon team are able to change some limited vessel information when they have the more reliable and correct information available.

When you edit the vessel data sheet, you can find a switch. If the switch in position is ON, we receive the information via AIS, and OFF indicates that we changed this information manually.

This switch shows you that we received this information directly from the vessel. You are NOT able to change the vessel information in this mode.  

If the switch is in the OFF position, the information was provided manually and differs from the information we received via AIS. You are able to change the vessel information in this mode.      

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