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Does the Vessels Crew have an Influence on the transmitted AIS Data?
Does the Vessels Crew have an Influence on the transmitted AIS Data?
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The FleetMon database is, for the most part, based on the AIS information received from the vessels. The vessels' crew provides the correct information via the AIS system, so the crew greatly influences the AIS data we receive from them.

The accurate presentation of the vessel's AIS data is in the hand of the responsible officer on board, who can help to provide the correct information by

  1. Checking and updating the static information must be entered into the AIS system manually. The static information consists of the vessel's name, type, IMO number, dimensions, call sign and location of the AIS antenna on board.

  2. Correctly updating the voyage information (destination, ETA, draught) before the vessel departs. If this information is correct, FleetMon can compare the ETA received from the ship against a calculated ETA.

Please note: It happens that the crew is using the fields for "destination" or "ETA" to provide other information, i.e.:

  • "armed guard on board" - the vessel is sailing in a dangerous area and is warning potential attackers,

  • "fishing" - in this case, the boat (suspected a fishing boat) has no port as a destination,

  • "for order" - the ship is sailing without a specific destination and is waiting for an order.

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