The last vessel position as captured by terrestrial AIS is always available for you at FleetMon. We will show it in the position Map.

This tracking data is captured by our global network of shore-based AIS antennas. However, this tracking method is limited in range: ships will be lost out of sight eventually, once they leave radio reception range, for example when sailing to the open sea.

If you want to leave behind the limitations of standard AIS tracking, you can additionally track vessels via satellite AIS on our website. This service requires to bring satellites into orbit, which is a much more cost-intensive project than installing land-based antennas. Therefore this tracking data is not available for free.

Please fill in the application to poll satellite AIS data on the website and purchase a few credit points in our online store.

You can then poll position updates for the ship of your interest as captured by satellites whenever you want.

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