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How Often Do Vessel Positions Get Updated?
How Often Do Vessel Positions Get Updated?

Vessel position not up-to-date

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Vessel positions get updated as soon as a fresh AIS signal is received. 

Who can use this feature

💡 When vessels move too far away from shore, their signals get weak, are not up-to-date, and cannot be received anymore by land-based antennas.

Vessels that sail far away from shore can be covered using satellite AIS. The position updates may vary from a few minutes up to several hours. This depends on traffic, weather and also other factors.

Also, you can subscribe to the vessel's AIS data feed to receive all satellite position reports captured within the coming 14 days from the ship. Further information will be provided in the info box when clicking the corresponding button.

All you need to do is access the satellite AIS tracking data for your vessel. Then you must purchase a few FleetMon credit points.

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